Мне интересно. Когда пузырь по имени Twitter лопнет?

I can’t imagine how many times you’ve been asked, “But how will you make money?”
We will make money, and I can’t say exactly how, because we can’t predict exactly what’s going to work.

Advertising is probably not it?
We think there could be more interesting models. Those include the corporate users, who are using it in a bunch of different ways, either to sell goods or take advantage of the real-time aspect of the site. There are all kinds of goods and services that have a scarcity component, and people want the information as soon as possible, so they opt in to receive updates through Twitter.

Like an instant sale?
Yeah. Dell Outlet is doing that, and [internet retailer] Woot.com. And corporations use it for marketing purposes, whether it’s Starbucks or Web companies. If we can make that really pay off for the companies doing it—and we have lots of ideas how to do that—they’ll be happy to pay.

Do you have tangible examples of companies that are using Twitter in a way that you think is pretty cool? We haven’t really studied the business cases that much. We’re 25 people, and 75 percent are focused on the product and engineering and operations. And we literally have no business people in the company, so this isn’t an area we’re really focusing on

Интервью с Twitter CEO Evan Williams

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