Очень крутой ролик! Как китайцы дом строят за 46 часов !

Вот это скорость! Вот это работа! Охренеть…вот нужно чему учиться и у кого!

We all know that china is ahead of the U.S when it comes to technology, now they are showing off their development skills by building an impressive 16-floor hotel in world record time, 5 days and 16hrs – would you room there? lol

The developers of this project, Broad Sustainable Building, worked long hours – until 10pm every night until this 50m hotel was completed.

Although the building was made fast, it was build very sturdy. The building is said to be able to withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake – so maybe i would room there.

The 50m building overall took 136 hours to be completed, 46 hours just to put together that heavy sturdy frame and another 90 to complete the enclosure of the building.

Can you imagine a hotel being 100% completed in that time? Suppose you went on vacation then you came back to see a 16-foot story building next to your house when you come arrive a week later??

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