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Прочитал на днях 2 интересные статьи про дополненную реальность, в разрезе поиска денег в этом тренде. 1ая статья от Rick Gardinier — Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Officer, BRUNNER в Silicon Anglу – Augmented Reality is Cool! But What’s the ROI? В принципе автор пишет правильные очень вещи не только по тренду дополненной реальности, а вообще по бизнесу. Не удержусь и процитирую его в своём блоге:

  1. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER. Ask yourself who you are reaching before you put too much into your first AR effort. When I was growing up, marketers put interactive content on the back of cereal boxes.  At that time my brother and I thought the content was cool enough that it was worth a fist-fight before school.  Whether that content would be compelling or not by today’s standards is beside the point.  But it was foolproof.  Something that today’s mobile and web cameras today are not – at least not yet.  If your target audience is not the savviest tech user today, then think twice before investing too much.
  2. FORGET ABOUT ROI. If you have the right audience, then jump into the game and forget about ROI for the moment. If back in 1995 we all worried too much about ROI before we launched our first website, think about all of the learning we collectively would have missed out on. Find a way to test and learn.  Find a way to experiment. Despite my caution to some marketers, this is the future of consumer engagement. Don’t get left in the dust.
  3. GET SMART. If you don’t have the right target customer today and you don’t have the resources this year to test and learn, then at least spend time learning about it. Eventually all consumers will be able to adopt the technology and that day may come sooner than you think. Follow @augmentedadvert on Twitter. Subscribe to augmented reality RSS feeds. Everyone is looking for an edge. Papa John’s Pizza has taken AR to the mainstream. It’s coming. A year ago moms didn’t use Facebook. Now they are the fastest growing segment, and grandmas are probably not far behind them.

Prepare yourself NOW for the future web — just do it in context of your business.

2ая статья, про обзор рынка приложений дополненной реальности – в большинстве своём “поисковых машин” от Digital Venture Beat – “Startups looking to make money by enhancing reality

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