• I’ll determine points of growth for your company
  • I’ll design development strategies for your company
  • I’ll give you some prompts as to where to find partners and clients
Andrew Artishchev
A serial entrepreneur and a consultant of IT projects
PhD in Economics
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I am motivated and I am developing technologies
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I am an expert in creation, positioning and promoting It-projects and innovative devices both on Russian and international arena
I am the founder of such IT & Hardware projects as:
My way to success
have been employed in consulting on development
spent on developing IT- and online projects
If your product:
I’m helping business
  • has lost its appeal
  • has stopped making a profit
  • is slow of sale
to spin
If your company:
  • is stuck in the same niche
  • has reached the ceiling in its development
  • doesn’t know where to move and where to find resources
project potential
and reveal
I direct
the entrepreneurs
I analyse businesses and find best solutions. Together we will think over your next steps
Product development
  • We introduce innovations, discuss the design and development of your product
  • We make a market research
  • We frame effective hypothesis about products
  • We make up the strategy for company development
  • We make a plan of promoting the product through bloggers, exhibitions, online advertisements and other channels
  • We improve the existing lines of development
  • We organize advertising and marketing campaigns
Product marketing
  • We determine the direction for developing your business and find partners
  • We analyse and restructure your sales and distribution channels for goods and services
  • We set up business processes, analyse and improve the sales
  • We frame the pricing policy, improve the figures of market share, revenue and margin
Scaling your business
  • We decide what your company will be like in 5 or 10 years
  • We define strategic development goals, such as finding new markets
  • We secure capitalization and attract business partners
  • We take the company to a new level in terms of revenue, profit and capitalization
Building the company
Направляю руководителей
I know that entrepreneurs often have to face difficulties
in a single fight
The majority of managers occasionally feel isolated.
What they need is a consultant who is not expecting a ready-made Project statement but who is able to come up with ideas working with them in a team

It is next to impossible to understand how to get to you destination if you are at your starting point. Otherwise you would have reached your destination. That is why you need a couch — a consultant who has worked a similar way up and now he is ready help you to do it as well
There is nobody to advise you
There is nobody to discuss a new idea with
There is nobody to share your doubts
at an advisory consultation free of charge
Have a new look at your business
We use Zoom meetings
Duration : 40 min
  • We will discuss your current situation
  • We will identify the hotspots
  • We will decide what to do in the future
It monitors the correct position of your spine and in case of any deviations you can feel a gentle vibration which reminds you of your posture
It is an innovative gadget consisting of a microcheme and a vibrating sensor which supports the correct posture
Posture Master
of launching and promoting a product
I have completed all the stages
  • I have developed engineering drawings and industrial design
  • I have organised 5 manufacturing sites for serial production with minimum defective ratio
  • I have organised export to different countries
The product has been certified as a medical device in Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor) in Russia
  • The product has also been certified in the EU
I have organised 178 integrations with bloggers
  • I have designed the Posture Master brand
  • I created and managed the Sales Department
  • I have had a lot of successful advertising campaigns in magazines, on TV, at exhibitions and on the internet
View integrations
  • The devices have been supplied to stores, special orthopedic shops and marketplaces. We’ve sold 60 000 items in Russia and 5000 items abroad
  • We’ve had more than 300 SMM integrations in LiveJournal, YouTube, Instagram, the product is also popular with bloggers and celebrities
  • The product has appeared in the media and on TV: NTV, ORT, RTR, "Good morning, Israel", TVC
in Europe, USA, New Zealand, Israel and Australia
It is an intellectual augmented reality helmet with in-built navigation system. It helps motorcyclists to focus on the road — they don’t have to get distracted to look at the satnav
LiveMap AR helmet
  • I have created the product and has brought it to the MVP stage, as a result of collaboration of companies from Russia, France, the USA, Germany and China
  • I have invented some technologically sophisticated prototypes based on optics and electronics. Many of the technologies were created from scratch
  • I have succeeded in launching pilot projects with leading motorcycle manufacturers in different countries
  • Our product has been given a safety certificate of the EU
  • I have found $ 2 mln of investment
  • I have done a lot of product marketing. There are hundreds of articles about the product in Russia and in the world
  • My product took part in the motorcycle and computer exhibitions in Europe and the USA, as well as in conferences for start-ups and venture investors
Watch video
YouTube channel Livemap AR Helmet
  • I am a winner of international conferences and electronics exhibitions: Intel, TechCrunch, CES and others
  • I have created the unique augmented reality technology involving the projection of images to the moto helmet visor
  • Our product has been given a safety certificate of the EU
particular projects
I know how to choose promotion channels
Preparation for presentation
I will advise you how to make a presentation for a conference, how to prepare a speech for investors, how to set up a stand at an exhibition
I will tell you how to promote the product with the help of advertising with bloggers, as well as advertising on TV and in the media
Competent PR campaign
International articles:
I will help you to choose online and offline platforms for sales
Sales organisation
for your business
Let’s find out the best way of development
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The performance of my projects has been highly appreciated by
experts from all over the world
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You will find out how to capture new niches of the market, how to get a footing there and how to scale your business. It is my recommendation to use the knowledge to develop your project. And I will help you as a consultant
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